[praɪs] noun I
1) [C] the amount of money that you have to pay in order to buy something
Oil was at its lowest price in 30 years.[/ex]
For a limited period only, all our carpets are being sold at half price.[/ex]
They'll do the work for you, at a price (= for a lot of money).[/ex]
2) [singular] the bad things that you have to accept in order to achieve something that you want
For some of these young athletes, success comes at a heavy price.[/ex]
She has fulfilled her dream, but at what price?[/ex]
at any price — 1) if you want something at any price, you are determined to get it, even if this brings severe problems; 2) if you refuse to do something at any price, you refuse to do it, even for a lot of money or other benefits[/ex]
Words often used with price Verb often used with price (noun, sense 1) ■ cut, lower, reduce, slash + PRICE: make the price of something less ■ increase, put up, raise + PRICE: make the price of something greater ■ PRICE + come down, fall, plummet, tumble become lower in price ■ PRICE + go up, increase, rise, rocket, soar become higher in price II
verb [T]
price [praɪs]
to set the price of a product or service
The farmhouse is priced at £195, 000.[/ex]

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